About Us

Logoscoin - It is a cryptocurrency that has the vision and mission of being a tradable currency in the world e-commerce all over the world and provide many platforms for end users.

Project Coin Offering - Developers logoscoin make a new innovation that is launch the Project Coin Offering ,and there's coin which is Real coin or ready made coin and can be mined.

Mission Statement

Be a leader of Crypto Currency and raising trust on logoscoin users by providing service and platform for end users

Key Features

High-Level Security

Logoscoin believe that safety is important and developer of logoscoin secure all its platforms are given extra security.


With the technology of Blockchain all transaction is intergrated on modern way, which has a unique code that can't be changed.

Smart Money

Logoscoin is a smart money which can be used in your necessary, because in the future will be many more cooperation with logoscoin.


all transaction not centered but stored on user device and not controlled by government.

Real Project

all project is done by team developer of logoscoin is a real project which has a usability value for logoscoin users

Instan Payment

By using logoscoin,the users can make quick and easy payments on logoscoin platforms


Just a few minutes to Know about our logoscoin -PCO
Enjoy video.....!

Road Map

Start Project Coin Offering

Open Price $ 1.6 / 150,000 LSC

Close Project Coin Offering Price $ 3.8

Open Partnership

Wallet Windows

Wallet iOS

Open Mining Program

Bot Trading

Market Exchange

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